Rating System

Rating by numbers or stars is a very difficult matter.
That’s why I write reviews. The star rating can vary. It depends whether I’m reading a funny and nice summer contemporary YA or a high fantasy novel and then give both three stars. It has a different meaning for both the contemporary YA as well as the high fantasy. But that’s what my reviews are there for. I give the books I read a star rating and I also write why I liked this and didn’t like that and what I thought was especially good about it, etc. These star ratings are very general and can be interpreted very differently, so to get to know how much and what exactly I liked about this or that book, it’s best to read the review 😉
The star rating is along the lines of Goodreads’ star rating system and it goes as follows:

hp_fav_star – Did not like it: This book was a waste of my time and I want this time back.

hp_fav_starhp_fav_star – It was okay: It really was. But there was something was so extremely bad about this book, I either had to force myself to finish it or it took me forever to do so and then I just thought Meh.

hp_fav_starhp_fav_starhp_fav_star – Liked it: Three stars are not bad. After all, I liked this book. But either the writing or the characters (or both) just did not satisfy my expectations.

hp_fav_starhp_fav_starhp_fav_starhp_fav_star – Really liked it: This was such a great read! I loved the characters and the writing and the story itself. There were just some tiny flaws that I couldn’t overlook, that were overlooked easily by the remaining awesomeness.

hp_fav_starhp_fav_starhp_fav_starhp_fav_starhp_fav_star – It was amazing: It truly was. For me, at least. I would recommend this to any- and everyone. This was a perfect read that I enjoyed from start to finish and couldn’t stop thinking about weeks after.