About & Review Policy


You may have read my Introduction post. If not, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Rita, a twenty-three year old girl from Germany, who loves everything about books: how they look like, how they smell, the stories inside, pictures of them, hearing other people talk about them on Youtube, etc., etc.

Other than my slightly unhealthy obsession with books, I spend my free time watching movies and TV shows, playing silly little games on my phone and napping quite a lot.

You can find me also on these social media sites:

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Review Policy
If you are an author, publisher or publicist who would like me to review your books, I am currently accepting YA, Middle Grade and select NA books for review. You can contact me at: booksandrita@gmail.com

Genres I read:
dystopia/post-apocalyptic YA
historical fiction

I accept physical ARCs and finished copies and also e-books (in .mobi-format), although I do prefer receiving physical copies.

As soon as I am finished reading a book, I will review it always on here on my blog as well as on my Goodreads in bullet points.
I will always state my honest opinion about the book. I am not willing to give a glorious review on a book that I did not enjoy only because I received a free copy. Although a review might be negative, it will never be bashing, but I will state clearly what I did and did not like in a respectable manner.
If I did like it, then I will say so.
I will contact you as soon as my review is published and provide you with a link to the review. If you want me to publish a review on a specific date, then please contact me about it.