Life and Reading. // Updates

Hola bookworms!

I have been quite absent these last few weeks. There’s a lot going on at the moment and I’d like to inform you a bit about the changes in my life right now.

+ I just moved to another place work-wise. The new office is quite nice, but I have to drive 20 to 30 minutes instead of about 5 to 10 minutes :/

+ I finally started working out again! This is my second week of training and I feel great already! I hope to keep up with the program I’m doing for the next twelve weeks!

+ If you also follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Goodreads, then you may have noticed that there weren’t a lot of updates on there as well. I haven’t been reading much or even at all for the last four weeks and I’m already five books behind on my Goodreads challenge ;( But I just finished my first book this month in practically one sitting (I read the first fifty pages in the beginning of the month and the rest in one go) and I’m reading two other books at the moment which I am highly enjoying. Also, I am on vacation for the next two weeks and I will hopefully have a lot of time for reading.

+ Instead of reading I have been binge-watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I wanted to watch this series for so long and finally gave in about two weeks ago. I’m now in the middle of season four and I cannot wait to see who A will be this time around! I also plan on re-reading the first five books and then finally continue with this series as it is finally finished with 16 (!) books and two further novels.

+ Blogging-wise you may have noticed that the “wordpress.” is gone from my URL. I have finally switched from to and have a self-hosted blog now, yay! Unfortunately I didn’t have any time to change the layout or anything else yet. I hope to get to it during my vacation.

+ There are also quite a lot of books that I haven’t written a review for, 15 (!) in total to be exact. I have decided to write at least two reviews per day while on vacation and then to do a few tags and also a few discussions I have been thinking about. So stay tuned for more input in the next couple of weeks!

Until next time: happy reading! 🙂